Monday, 5 December 2016

About Me

Hello there, my name is Woo Syn Ting Sara but you can just call me Sara. I am 12 years old and i enjoy playing sports like bowling, skating and swimming. So you may be wondering why i had put a picture of a roller coaster, it is because that i love love LOVE to ride roller coasters but unfortunately i never liked to wait in line and my family members aren't exactly the best people to ride with. Now that it is the school holidays, everyone would jut be like "let's go on a holiday" or "time to PARTY" or "do you want to hang out at .... some time", but inn actual fact, i don't have much to do since PSLE is over and the weather is quite unpredictable(have to miss out on a lot of outdoor activities T_T), so most of the time, i would either eat, sleep, watch TV or playing my mobile phone at home ( it is super boring to be honest). My favourite pastime is to be able to hang out and talk with my friends although the chances of me being able to do that are slim.  if i had to say so myself, i am actually quite an awkward and quiet person when you first meet me but soon i would become much more of an outgoing and active who would not be afraid to speak and introduce myself. Although i may not be the most enthusiastic and creative person, i hope to be able to participate in may activities and make friends with everyone. i am neither an amazing speaker nor an excellent writer, but i wish not to be the worst (even though i am like SUPER BAD). I cant predict the future but at least i know that it will not always be a smooth sailing, it will be like a roller coaster (see what i did there) with many ups and downs and sharp turns.

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